Free Vector Minimalistic Weather Icons -

Free Vector Minimalistic Weather Icons

I think it’s time for another freebie don’t you? I’ve designed some nifty minimalistic weather icons in Illustrator and they’re yours for the grabbing!

The Inspiration you ask?

For this set it really came from all over the web. Just Google weather icons and watch the page literally get flooded with image results from all over.

So, why design some more?

Good question! it’s been a while since I haven’t worked on icons and thought a freebie would be a good idea to get back into it. I went for the minimalist approach basically because I wanted some very clean and flexible icons. I think the final result is pretty clean, and the fact that they’re made in Illustrator and fully vectorized definitely makes them flexible.

Cool, so what do I get?

below is a screenshot preview of the 24 icons and their color variations :

Minimalistic Weather Icons preview

Don’t forget to share these icons if you like them and make sure you follow the “Terms and conditions” in order for all files distributed on this site.

You can download this release by clicking below:


See you guys on next week’s post.

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